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Virtual Happy Hour

Chat with leaders from start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations and learn how they are navigating our changing world. A list of upcoming dates and speakers are listed below. Sign up to receive updates and Zoom link.


A cocktail recipe from The Quiet Few will be distributed prior to each chat. We're looking forward to raising a glass with you--cheers!

Virtual Happy Hour Speakers

Peter Sacco

Founder & CEO of Adelante Shoe Co., an e-commerce company that delivers handcrafted, made-to-order shoes direct to your door in 10 days. Peter started Adelante to further economic development in Latin America, which is why Adelante craftsmen earn over the Living Well Line. Adelante connects customers with their craftsman via multimedia while their individual pair of shoes are being made. UMass Amherst ’13, Tufts Fletcher School ’17.

Wouter Ubbels

Vice President of Sales at Nedap. Wouter moved to the United States five years ago from the Netherlands with his family. At Nedap they have a different business approach compared to many American companies. Wouter's personal philosophy, "I am not necessarily right just because I am ‘the boss’. As a Dutch organization in America, we are discovering, learning and celebrating our successes."

Xiaohui "X" Wang

Founder "X" started Essence of Email over six years ago. They are trusted by over 200 eCommerce stores that have successfully generated $18.7M annual client email revenue. Their approach is driven by their company's values through heart, hand and mind. Though headquartered in Texas all of their employees work remotely.

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